Kaleidoscope is thrilled to have connected with Wilkister Orenge, a remarkable Kenyan school teacher who overseas the Briton Primary School, in the Mukuru Kwa njega Slum on the outskirts of Nairobi.The school is located at the edge of the slum and consists of 3 buildings with 2 classrooms in each one. They are built on dirt floors with corrugated tin walls and roof and cardboard to separate the classrooms. The desks are built from rough planks with about 4 children per desk. They have about 200 students from 2 -13 years of age. Hunger and the ongoing need for supplies, adequate clothing and hygiene education weighs upon this community like all rural educational initiatives.

Passion and Commitment

In 2022, Kaleidoscope Child Foundation was fortunate to obtain a small grant that would allow us to support a new territory with a $5,000 per year operational initiative over the next 5 years.To bring perspective to how far such a financial gift goes:

  • they provide either free or low cost schooling for ages baby to grade 8;
  • many of the students are either orphans or only have one parent.
  • the school fees they charge work out to about $20/year and if there is more than 1 child in the family they only pay for one and the rest attend free.
  • they offer baby classes as otherwise the older children would have to stay home to look after the younger ones so the parent/guardian can go out to work.

Wilkister’s passion and commitment to bringing education to this Nairobi community made the decision an easy and joyous one.

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