Our Work

Our vision is to foster the aspirations of vulnerable children while strengthening literacy, health, and gender equality within emergent communities worldwide.

A Holistic Education

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation provides quality education in everything from learning the English alphabet to math skills to providing fresh water resources and medical and hygiene assistants. Additionally, we prepare kids by integrating local culture with the tools they will need to succeed in the future. Each curriculum is customized depending on the country’s needs.

Math, Sciences, & Tech

Our programs provide students with instruction in STEM subjects to ensure they are prepared critical thinkers with a good foundation of technical skills. We also provide computers and technology training to equip them with the skills they need for future opportunities.

English Immersion

We have found that our communities see English literacy as a key component of success. Our programs seek to aid in developing these skills so our students better communicate in an increasingly globalized world.

Fine & Traditional Arts

While Kaleidoscope kids work hard and do their best to succeed in our programs, we wouldn’t dream of being all work and no play. As part of providing a holistic education we also offer opportunities to get creative with drawing, making videos, and even dancing in both traditional and fine arts programs.

Women’s Empowerment

Promoting gender equality in our communities is a fundamental goal at Kaleidoscope. Our programs remove the barriers to education girls and women face by alleviating the burden of water gathering and inspiring our girls to continue their education.

Medical and Hygiene Assistance

Our programs don’t stop at basic education. In response to the needs of our communities, especially during the global pandemic, we have turned our focus in part to providing and distributing medical care and resources for healthier, safer communities.

Fresh Water Resources

The communities we serve suffer from a lack of clean, easily accessible water. Kaleidoscope continually makes efforts to provide water filters to families in our communities. In addition to these filters instruction on the importance of clean water and how to maintain these filters is also provided.

Countries We Serve


Kaleidoscope had its beginnings in Cambodia as far back as 2004. Its first outdoor pavilion classroom was constructed in 2010. Today these signature schools consist of the main campus in the heart of Siem Reap and a village campus within the rural territory of Nokor Krau. They are registered in Cambodia as Future Khmer Child and collectively serve 600+ children in innumerable surrounding villages throughout the Siem Reap province.


English Immersion
Technology Center
Women’s Empowerment
Traditional Arts


Launching its first educational pilot programs in 2017, Kaleidoscope encountered an unprecedented adaptability and resilience among a select group of children in the slum areas of Bodhgaya and Lakhanpur in the state of Bihar. Today we operate full time school programs in Bodhgaya and Lakahnpur, India located in the northern state of Bihar.


Women’s Empowerment
Fine Arts
Fresh Water Resources
English Immersion


Kaleidoscope began its journey in Guatemala in the summer of 2017 by purchasing and delivering 100 water filters to indigenous families in and around majestic Lake Atitlán. This past year Kaleidoscope agreed to take over providing funding scholarships, support to two learning centers and a supplementary tutorial program to students who are part of a program called FORMA or Forjando Mi Manaña (Forging My Tomorrow).


Learning Center
English Immersion
Women’s Empowerment
Fresh Water Resources

United States

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation has served the children at Nicholas House in Atlanta, GA, by sponsoring summer camp programming and a backpack drive.


Backpack Drive
School Supplies

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