Become a Sponsor

Below are just a few examples of where your sponsorship donations go and the large amount of children that gain from your generosity. You can see just how far a dollar travels in the areas that we serve!

$6: provides a student one hot meal a day for a week in Cambodia

at the Bronze level, that feeds 83 students for a week!

$23: educates a child for one month in India, Cambodia & Africa

…at the Silver level that’s 44 students a month!

$25: covers the cost of a school uniform for one student

…at the Platinum level that covers all of our students in India!

$70: covers the cost of a water filter for a family in Guatemala

…at the Gold level that’s a water filter each for 35 families!

$275: educates a child for a year in Cambodia and India

…at the Presenting sponsor level, that’s 36 students/year!

$500: provides quarterly groundbreaking forums for village women that address literacy and mental health support.

…at the Silver level that covers 2 quarterly forums!

$650: covers the cost of one year of education to a scholarship student in Guatemala

(at the Presenting Sponsor level that’s 15 students a year!)

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