Wonder of wonders. Miracle of miracles.

As we pause and reflect on another erratic year of global instability, we find ourselves in a state of awe. We made it through. 

We are incredibly grateful there was minimal illness in our territories. Although our Cambodian teachers and Guatemalan founders did experience Covid, their health and strength thankfully returned and their current health continues to appear good.

Covid became a great teacher, opening our awareness to critical refinements needed to help us improve our day-to-day structure and long term vision.

  • tech/virtual teaching enhancements
  • continued emphasis on hygiene/latrine and wash programs
  • community outreach and education

To address these needs, our teachers ventured into the villages and communities to maintain contact with our students and to introduce them to classwork via cell phones. New bathrooms were constructed at our Cambodian campuses, water filtration systems were installed in our India schools and nutrition programs were offered in the learning centers in Guatemala. Additionally, a woman’s village program was started in Cambodia to address hygiene and domestic violence issues. This particular initiative was recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Education as a necessary and cutting edge approach to meeting a long neglected need among village women. 

All in all, a year of valuable work! We are inspired by our teachers and staff and proud of our global board members for their continued commitment to help advance vulnerable children and their communities worldwide with accessible education, hygiene and fresh water.

Thank you for the part you play in keeping the vision alive.